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Their love for travel and exploration led them to explore the beautiful landscape of Vietnam. On a 7 day romantic trip to Vietnam, Sohel and his wife witnessed the dynamic Vietnamese culture through their food, markets, landscape, and lovely people.

My wife and I love to travel to an international destination every year. Last year we visited Thailand, and this time around, we wanted to visit Vietnam. We read a lot about the country, and seeing as it wasn’t too costly or commercialized, a trip to Vietnam felt like the best out of the options we had.

While searching for travel companies, a friend of ours recommended TravelTriangle, as he had traveled with them on a trip to Mauritius. He gave us positive reviews, which helped us quickly make our mind on where to look for a trip to Vietnam.

I normally prefer going on a trip to a certain destination for not more than 4-5 days, but this time we chose a 6 nights/7 days package to Vietnam. It was because my wife had identified this beautiful place, Nha Trang, after reading multiple blogs on the TravelTriangle website. I requested Praveen from TravelTriangle to include Nha Trang in our package. To which, he duly obliged, and prepared for us an enticing, value-for-money romantic trip to Vietnam.

Day 1: Arriving in Ho Chi Minh

We took a midnight flight from Hyderabad and arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at 2 pm. After that, a driver was present for a pickup and drop to the Lavender Hotel Central. The first day of our trip to Vietnam had nothing on the itinerary, which allowed us to relax and recover from our long and tiresome flight journey.

In the evening, we wandered out to the night market with a motive of tasting the famous Vietnamese Pho noodles. The local food was delicious, as it gave a familiar oriental taste with a refreshing aroma of herbs and spices. After dinner, we returned to the hotel and called it a night.

Day 2: Exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels

After breakfast, we went a half-day sightseeing tour to the famous Cu Chi tunnels. Barely a few hours from Ho Chi Minh, lay an amazing 200-km network of underground tunnels that was used during the Vietnam War.

In the evening, we checked out of the hotel for a flight to Hanoi. We arrived in Hanoi at 10 pm and checked into the Hanoi Focus Hotel for the night.

Day 3&4: A scenic Halong Bay Cruise

After breakfast, we checked out of Hanoi and transferred to Halong Bay for a two-day cruise tour. The cruise had couples from all around the world, which gave us a great opportunity to learn about different cultures. The weather in Halong Bay was pleasant and much better than in Ho Chi Minh.

Our cruise was a fun-filled experience that included snorkeling, cooking classes, and live performances. On our first day, we visited many beautiful islets in Halong Bay, where we could swim, snorkel, and kayak. The evening went by enjoying a barbeque dinner, live music, and conversations with other couples.

On the final day, we visited the biggest cave in Vietnam- Surprise Cave. The cruise was exceptionally well planned, as everything went as per chúng tôi food served and service provided was impeccable, as the staff gave their full effort to make us feel at home during those two days on the ship.

We deboarded the cruise at 5 pm, and traveled back to Hanoi. After arriving, we checked in again at the Hanoi Focus Hotel. Our trip to Vietnam was so nicely planned by TravelTriangle, that they made sure our stay in Hanoi was on a weekend so that we could enjoy the amazing weekend night market.

After exploring the vibrant night market and having a tasty dinner, we returned to the hotel for the night.

Day 5: Flight to Nha Trang

The next morning, we had breakfast and checked out of the hotel for our flight to Nha Trang. We were supposed to fly out at 1 pm, but our flight got delayed by three hours. Our plans of exploring Nha Trang took a major hit as we arrived in Nha Trang at 6 pm and checked into the Maple Leaf Hotel.

We spent the remainder our evening exploring the night market in Nha Trang. After dinner, we had a very romantic stroll at the walking street, to end a not-so-perfect day on a lovely note.

Day 6: Island tour in Nha Trang

The next morning, we departed for an Island tour in Nha Trang. First up, we visited the Mun Island where we enjoyed and sunbathed at the beautiful white-sand beach. Afterwards, we were provided lunch on the cruise which was a mixture of Vietnamese and Chinese food.

Post lunch, our cruise arrived at Mot Island. Yet another unexplored island within the shores of Vietnam where we could relax, and marvel at the beautiful coral reefs. Over here, the cruise staff gave us an hour extra for the people who wished to snorkel in the crystal clear waters.

Our cruise ended at 5 pm back at Nha Trang, from where we were transferred back to the hotel. In the evening, we went to an amazing eatery called Ganesh restaurant, that served delicious Indian food. A much needed Indian meal after six days provided us with a nostalgic end to our stay in Nha Trang.

Day 7: Flying back home from Hanoi

The Vietnamese domestic flight system continued to surprise us, as our flight back to Ho Chi Minh was preponed by three hours. As a result, we had an early morning check out from Nha Trang and arrived in Ho Chi Minh by 10 am.

We kept our luggage at the airport in the cloak room, and explored Ho Chi Minh a little more as we still had seven hours for our flight back to India.

Vietnam was an amazing experience that broadened our horizon and understanding towards the culture in the Indochina region. In many ways, Vietnam is quite similar to India as the place is rich in culture and history. Through our love for travel and exploration, this trip to Vietnam gave us time to reconnect with each other on an emotional level.

High Points:

The bonding between the couples on the Halong Bay cruise was so great that by the time we deboarded, we became friends.

The local cuisine in Vietnam was very delicious and we would love to have more of it back in India.

Tips to travelers:

Night markets are the best place for travelers to try local cuisine.

Hanoi is famous for leather products. It is a good places to buy shoes at reasonable prices.

The domestic flight system in Vietnam is pretty crazy. Flights get pre-poned and postponed on a frequent basis.

Đăng bởi: Nhật Lê

Từ khoá: A Romantic Trip Relishing The Scenic Beauty Of Vietnam

West Lake Lotus, The Ethereal Beauty Dispels The Summer Sun Of The Capital

If people in the South are always proud of Thap Muoi lotus fields, in Hanoi capital, when people mention lotus, people think of West Lake lotus. Although there is no document indicating when the West Lake lotus originated, only the Dai Viet history records mention the residences of the regal built around the lotus flaps of the West Lake.

Over the years, with the ups and downs of history, the West Lake lotus pond may be small in size, but the West Lake lotus fragrance still retains its pristine features, making many people sob. And every summer, at the end of May and beginning of June, the people of the capital are immersed in the fragrant and ethereal scent of West Lake lotus flowers.

Photo: vanchuongphuongnam.

Unlike the lotus in many other places, the West Lake lotus is a Bach Diep lotus variety, the reason for this name is because the West Lake lotus has many petals, each flower has about three layers of large and small wings interwoven with the center. about a hundred wings. Bach Diep lotus not only stands out with its deep pink color, but also makes many people fall in love with its ethereal and elegant lotus fragrance.

Photo: FB Minh Ngoc.

Although the lotus pond in West Lake is not too wide, but in the middle of hot summer afternoons, in the stuffy, noisy city of the city, the lotus ponds here are enough for you to see far away. also filled with green color of leaves, pink color of flowers. Just like that, no matter how stormy it is outside, our hearts will be strangely peaceful.

The most ideal time for the trip to “enjoy lotus” is in the early morning, when the sun has not yet risen and the fresh air is still intact, you can leisurely watch the lotus buds in the green foliage start. The head stretched out from the water and slowly blossomed. A few drops of glittering dew remain in the middle of the lotus leaves early in the morning, making you seem to be sucked into a colorful but equally peaceful landscape picture.

Photo: FB Minh Ngoc.

Although in recent years, Bach Diep lotus is no longer the “exclusive” of the West Lake lands but has been successfully propagated in many other regions, but for many people, a genuine Bach Diep lotus must be a lotus grown in West Lake lotus ponds. For many lotus lovers, just having a vase of West Lake lotus in the house is enough for the pure, ethereal fragrance to fill the space.

Photo: FB Minh Ngoc.

If you come to the West Lake lotus pond early in the morning, you will not only be able to see the pink lotus petals slowly blooming, but you can also see the owners of the lagoon picking lotus flowers to sell or bring back to marinate tea. Small bamboo boats, but lined up in them are hundreds of budding lotus flowers, lotus buds both fresh pink and pure white are neatly arranged in bundles ready to follow the street carts going around three or six streets. capital ward.

Photo: FB Minh Ngoc.

In particular, if you have the opportunity to see the lotus ponds of West Lake, do not forget to enjoy a pot of fragrant West Lake lotus tea. Although this tea is seasoned with lotus, it is very elaborately processed, but it never disappoints. After drinking tea, it will leave a sweet taste in the throat but also make us ecstatic with the faint scent of lotus around.

Photo: FB Minh Ngoc.

Wandering among the lotus ponds on this June summer day is quite tiring and hot, but just looking at the shy pink lotus flowers next to the jade green foliage and a faint scent is… Our souls are suddenly at peace. Indeed, the West Lake lotus is a gift from God to dispel the summer sun of Hanoians.

Đăng bởi: Hùng Lê

Từ khoá: West Lake lotus, the ethereal beauty dispels the summer sun of the capital

Arriving In Vietnam, Foreigners “Break Out” At The Gifts Of The Mekong River – The Lifeline Of The Earth

Another way is to enjoy the life of the people in the West along the Mekong River carrying heavy alluvium. Flowing through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, the Mekong winds its way through cities in southern Vietnam before emptying into the sea.

People in riverside localities are cultivating their lives with the richness of the river.

Morning at the floating market

About 170 km south of Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of Vietnam, is Can Tho city. Can Tho located in the lower Mekong River, is the largest city in the Mekong Delta region with a population of more than 1 million people.

5 a.m. Interference between day and night. The stars and moon still twinkle in the sky. I hurried to a small boat. The boat rattled past the big waves caused by the boats ahead.

The boat slowly made its way through the darkness, and the sky across the river began to brighten. Sunrise is beautiful everywhere, but catching the sunrise from the boat gives me the most excitement.

After more than an hour, we arrived at Cai Rang market. It’s just past 6 am but it seems to have missed the busiest time. Transactions still take place, but more leniently. The boat floats along the swaying waves and then joins the market.

Vegetables and fruits are transferred from one boat to another, the sound of bargaining is bustling, people’s faces are excited, hands are busy transferring goods, lining up. The scenery that only a trip to the Mekong River can make Vietnam more special.

The boats that buy and sell goods floating on the Mekong River have a long pole in front of the boat. If you look closely, there is something hanging at the top of the pole. Some boats hang pumpkins, some watermelons and others pineapples.

This allows you to see the item for sale even from a distance. It’s a lively and fresh sign. It must have been an idea that arose when the boats were packed and difficult to reach. However, it is this that creates a unique atmosphere only in Cai Rang market.

The pole rises to the sky like a sotdae to pray for a good fishing season. Among them are boats selling bread and vermicelli passing by, satisfying the hunger of street vendors. The morning of making a living on the boat seems to have entered the lives of people along the Mekong River.

When following the main stream of the Mekong River, the boat runs by engine, but when passing through small tributaries, the water is dry, the only way is to turn off the engine. The boatman rowed with familiar hand movements. I almost lay down on the boat to avoid the small and low bridge, slowly crossed the tributary of the Mekong River and looked at the sparse houses along the river.

The sun shines but it softens for a moment as you pass the nipa palm trees. Flooded courtyards occasionally reappear. In front of the house there is an empty space like a small garage to park boats. It is a place to store the valuable boat. The boat is so precious to the people living in the river area. A mother and daughter stopped by a boat to buy goods at a store. The peaceful morning on the Mekong River passed like that.

City of thousands of flowers and fortress of war

Sa Dec is about 145 km from Ho Chi Minh City, known as the ‘city of thousands of flowers’. It takes about 3 hours by bus. This is a small flower village. In the days approaching Tet, the number of people coming to buy ornamental flowers is very large.

Sa Dec Flower Village. Photo: Government Newspaper

Just looking at the flowers being packed and watered for sale at the market makes my heart flutter. In the vicinity of Sa Dec, you can see endless lotus fields.

Sa Dec became famous with foreigners because this is the setting of the movie Lover.

The old French house at the end of Sa Dec market built in 1895 is the place where the love of the two main characters begins. A river flows in front of the old house, reminding me of the image of the heroine crossing the Mekong, arousing romantic feelings.

Near Sa Dec there is a special historical site named Xeo Quyt. It resembles the Cu Chi tunnels, a secret fortress in Ho Chi Minh City that was used during the war.

I did not expect that I would encounter traces of war in this deep Mekong river. During the war, a secret military facility was hidden in Xeo Quyt, the waterway here played the role of connecting underground tunnels. A kitchen, a hall and a secret underground passage remain beside the waterway. It is said that during the war, the American army could not find this place.

The beautiful scenery of Xeo Quyt today can completely ease the pain of war. Sunlight penetrates the jungle, the sound of boats gliding on the water, and the occasional chirping of birds. Rare animals, purple flower hyacinths and hidden trenches. A dense forest of vines completely covered the trenches.

Located on the Mekong River, Can Tho cuisine features a lot of seafood. Crab soup cake is a dish with a whole crab placed on top. Bun mam with thick noodles served with fish meat, fresh squid… In addition, silkworm cake sprinkled with sweet coconut milk, is a great snack on hot afternoons.

Can Tho’s signature dish, Cong cake, is also very delicious. Cong cake with the filling is green beans and attractive shrimp, just eat 2-3 pieces to fill your stomach. So don’t underestimate them because they are small. Ba Khia freshwater crab is also famous, you can taste this dish in the evening on Dinh Tien Hoang street also known as ‘Ba Khia street’.

(Content translated from the famous Korean blogging platform Tistory)

Đăng bởi: Thảo Ngọc

Từ khoá: Arriving in Vietnam, foreigners “break out” at the gifts of the Mekong River – the lifeline of the Earth

The Unique Set Of Photos About Saigon In The 90S Through The Lens Of A Japanese Photographer

Looks like a sidewalk cafe called “No pee”

Ancient buildings on Ho Tung Mau street – 1990

Cyclo riders and balloon vendors

Sidewalk restaurant: Beef noodle soup with pork, vermicelli, beef noodle soup… priced from 400 to 700 VND

Guitars are sold on the sidewalk next to the cafe

Inside a restaurant, on the wall hung a picture of actress Diem Huong

Breakfast counter

A restaurant with menus ranging from pho, vermicelli, crispy fried noodles to beef hotpot and… blood pudding

A coffee shop in Cho Lon, on the wall there is also the word Happy New Year 1989

Restaurants in Cho Lon

Sidewalk coffee in Cho Lon

Chinese wonton noodle shop in Cho Lon

Taken in 1989

The cat above, dog below

Sidewalk restaurant on De Tham street

Near Duy Tan junction

Sidewalk meat bread cabinet

Cyclo driver

Mother and dog at a sidewalk cafe

Outside Nguyen Thi Dieu School, Tran Quoc Toan Street

Old market on Ham Nghi street

Lunch of a Saigon girl with her pets

Sidewalk grocery, selling snacks, cigarettes, oil, soft drinks…

Green trees on Ton Duc Thang street

Bring flowers to the city

Bui Vien – Tran Hung Dao junction

An old woman is playing with cats and dogs

People at the market

Ho Tung Mau Street

Bui Vien Street, next to the corner of Cong Quynh – Bui Vien (1990)

A famous restaurant on the sidewalk

Bread stall on Ham Nghi street

The streets are empty with bicycles

Grocery cart at the end of the alley

Tran Hung Dao Street

A corner of Nguyen Hue street seen from the high floor of the hotel, 1989

Cyclo near Ben Thanh market

The motorbikes of that time

Sidewalk snail shop

Christmas 1990 at Notre Dame

Bubble cart, jelly, cigarettes around the church

Lunch noodle shop

Coffee shop in Cho Lon area

Afternoon on Hai Ba Trung Street

Vinh Quang Cinema and Bach Dang ice cream shop at Le Loi – Pasteur intersection

Nguyen Hue flower market seen from above, the 4-sided clock is still there

Morning at the park 30/4

A cherry shop on the sidewalk 1996

In a Chinese bakery in Cho Lon

Noodle shops and a row of shops selling roasted duck at the intersection of Nguyen Cong Tru and Calmette streets

Snail shop in a small alley

Dogs and cats, animals that often appear in Doi Kuro’s photos

Construction site of a hotel

Selling watermelon

Inside Ben Thanh market

Carrying ornamental plants on Hai Ba Trung Street, 1996. On the right is the Pedagogical High School, now Tran Dai Nghia High School for the Gifted.

Snacking, 1996

Quach Thi Trang roundabout on a rainy day, 1996

Carrying fruit looks eye-catching next to two cubs 81 . trucks

In a hair salon in Cholon

Three-wheeler carrying plastic goods

Inside Binh Tay market, 1996

Car selling label, 1997

Motorcycles on the street

Food stalls combined with public phone service

A tailor shop selling ao dai

Versatile motorcycles

The dust of Cho Lon 1997

Outside an art shop, 1998

Photo: Internet

tuổi thơ huyền thoại

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Tuấn Anh

Từ khoá: The unique set of photos about Saigon in the 90s through the lens of a Japanese photographer   

The Farmer Sells A Pair Of Super Giant Deer Velvet, Counting Hundreds Of Millions Of “Fresh” Money

Information that Mr. Pham Hong Thai (residing in hamlet 22, Quynh Vinh commune, Hoang Mai town, Nghe An) sold a pair of deer velvet for 110 million VND($4,400), causing a stir among deer breeders and deer owners from Nghe An. This is considered the most valuable pair of deer velvet ever in Nghe An. The weight of the deer velvet pair also surpassed many records when reaching 10.93kg.($1=25,000 VND)

Mr. Pham Hong Thai next to the deer for a pair of terrible and poisonous velvet (Photo: T.Thuy).

Mr. Thai said that this deer was bought by his family about 3 years ago for 120 million VND. At that time, the deer began to “pop the lid” on the velvet. In the first year, the deer velvet pair weighed 8.2kg and sold more than 70 million VND.

“In the second year, the deer velvet is bigger, more beautiful, and has a more unique shape. We also think that this pair of velvet is big, but we didn’t think it weighed nearly 11kg like that,” Mr. Thai informed.

The pair of deer velvet is considered terrible and unique in Nghe An so far (Photo: T.Thuy).

Recently, Mr. Thai’s family cut the velvet pair for sale. Many curious people came to admire this rare pair of deer velvet. In the end, a woman doing business in Hoang Mai town spent nearly 110 million VND to own the aforementioned pair of super giant deer velvet.

In addition to the deer for the aforementioned 11kg velvet pair, not long ago Mr. Thai also sold a pair of 8.1kg velvet.

To have a pair of terrible deer, according to Mr. Thai, there is no special secret, the most important thing is to choose a good source of seed. In addition, the owner of the deer farm also said that when he was young, he helped his father pick leaves for the deer and observed how to take care of the deer when it was in the “opening” stage.

The pair of deer velvet has a total weight of 10.93kg (Photo: T.Thuy).

“I saw at that time, my father fed the deer more corn and 2 ounces of soaked soybeans every day. Feeding frequency and the number of soybeans must be maintained continuously throughout the care period, until the velvet harvest. . In my opinion, soaked soybeans provide many nutrients, especially protein to increase resistance for deer and for larger velvet,” concluded the owner of the deer farm.

Mr. Thai’s family has a tradition of raising deer, a profession that has been maintained for 40 years since the life of his father, Mr. Pham Hong Dinh. Mr. Dinh is also the pioneer in raising deer and deer for velvet in the old Quynh Luu district (now Quynh Luu district and Hoang Mai town).

After Mr. Dinh died, Mr. Thai succeeded his father. However, after a while, he decided to sell all the deer and raise only deer. Currently, in his family barn, there are more than 30 deer, of which 5 are male deer for velvet, and the rest are female deer for reproduction.

This woman has spent nearly 110 million VND to own the aforementioned pair of giant deer velvet (Photo: T.Thuy).

According to this man, the male deer is about 3 years old when he has started to give velvet. From the time “open the cap” grows to over 80 days, the velvet can be harvested. The deer is harvested once a year, each pair has an average weight of 3-4kg. Compared with the price of deer antler velvet, deer antler velvet is cheaper but the weight of deer antler is usually larger (5-6 taels/pair), so in terms of economic value, it is better to raise deer.

The weight of deer antler increases gradually in the first 10 years, then level off. Healthy deer can harvest for up to 30 years.

The deer can harvest velvet for nearly 30 years, so this animal is also known as the “billionaire” (Photo: T.Thuy).

“According to oriental medicine, deer velvet is very good for women, with uses such as nourishing blood, beautifying the skin, enhancing health… Velvet can be processed by slicing and drying, grinding into powder or soaking with water. The deer is raised completely naturally, the food is grass, forest leaves and corn. This animal is easy to raise, has few diseases, only colds when the weather changes, a one-time investment but a long time to harvest. , does not take too much care.

About 4-5 years ago, the price of deer velvet has been stable. On average, every year deer farmers in Quynh Luu district and Hoang Mai town supply about 4-5 tons of velvet, which does not meet the market demand, “said Mr. Thai.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Thành Đạt

Từ khoá: The farmer sells a pair of super giant deer velvet, counting hundreds of millions of “fresh” money

Enjoy A Peaceful And Cool Camping Trip With The Whole Family In Thai Nguyen

Away from the bustling city, the whole family going camping together will definitely be a memorable experience.

For those who love peace and want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, camping trips with the family are absolutely suitable. Enjoying peaceful moments with loved ones, and exploring the vast natural space together not only helps dispel fatigue but also improves mental health and well-being.

The camping season is here, recently Ms. Nguyen Thanh (living in Hanoi) suggested to mothers a favorite camping place, which is MoJen’s area at Dai Tu – Thai Nguyen – Hanoi. Here are some experiences drawn from the last trip, which will hopefully help families who are planning to go out with their children.

The camping space is cool, immersed in nature, just sitting and watching the natural scenery is also very chill!

The campsite looks down from above with cool green covering everywhere, just stepping in here will make all the fatigue disappear.


Located about 95km from Hanoi, it takes my family nearly 2 hours to move in the direction of Hanoi – Thai Nguyen highway, the road has nearly 10km in the end, so we have to go slowly, the rest is quite easy.

Babies get to experience wonderful nature. Being in harmony with nature not only helps children learn more things but also improves their resistance.


Services here are quite diverse, from renting the floor for families to bring their own camping or renting the entire tent and preparing food. My family booked late, so there was only room to rent a camping floor for the day, the cost is 200,000 VND/adult and 100,000 VND/child over 80cm, all camping gear and food are prepared by myself.

Other camping and glamping services cost from 200,000 VND ~ 1,200,000 VND/person.

Sitting here camping will help the whole family forget all the troubles and fatigue in life.


The camping floors of the area are located close to the stream, our family goes to the stream to bathe, shovel sand, pick up rocks and then go ashore to chill and listen to the murmuring stream, watch the sun go down behind the cliff, and soon it’s over. day already.

Each camping floor is arranged very private, with its own power outlet, faucet and fire place, next time our family will definitely come and stay overnight to experience it all.

In addition, the shower and toilet area, although shared, is quite clean and not very far from the tent. Quite pleased with the experience this time.


Parents can order food here or prepare their own food to take away like their own family.

The scene is poetic, free and free, both adults and children are fascinated. Weekends or free time, parents can bring their children here to enjoy this atmosphere.


– Bring towels and lots of clothes for the children to freely wade in.

– Bring anti-mosquito spray, mosquito rolling cream because the camping area has many trees, so there are mosquitoes.

– The camping site is right next to the stream, so parents should always pay attention to the children.

“Wish the small families have a lot of experiences, wish the children always have safe play in nature,” messaged Ms. Thanh.

Photo: Internet

Đăng bởi: Thắng Lê

Từ khoá: Enjoy a peaceful and cool camping trip with the whole family in Thai Nguyen

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