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Sa Pa is a favorite tourist destination for young people and foreign tourists. If in the past people only went to Sa Pa to hunt for snow, now you can go to Sapa every season of the year. Staying at cheap and unique Sapa homestays will help you have ecstatic beautiful frames. Let’s visit some “famous” homestays in Sapa with Vietnam Reviewer.

Top 10 beautiful and famous homestays in Sapa Valley View Homestay


: Violet Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai

Reference price:

About 400,000 VND/night

Located in Sapa, 2.4 km from Fansipan Legend Cable Car Station and 8 km from Fansipan Mountain, Valley View Homestay features views of the mountains. The rooms at the homestay with mountain views are fitted with 1- or 2-sided glass so that guests can enjoy the natural scenery of the mountains.

Valley View Homestay

When you choose to book a room at Valley View, you will receive a free breakfast. The room is cool, clean, warm, and full of amenities like a hotel. There are double beds suitable for couples, and there are benches for you to lie down and read a book or check-in to the lobby in the room with the scenery of clouds and mountains.

Sapa Friendly Inn & Travel


: 01B So Than, Sa Pa Town, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai.

Reference price

: from 135,000 VND

Sapa Friendly Inn & Travel is a place to stay in the heart of town. Homestay has private and dormitory rooms for groups of tourists who want to save money. Inside the room is spacious, airy, and fully equipped with necessary amenities. Homestay is suitable for large groups.

Sapa Friendly Inn & Travel

Homestay has a mountain view and a view of the town, very suitable for relaxation. In particular, because it is located near the mountain, you can see the “specialty” of Sapa in the early morning. Those are layers of fanciful floating white clouds. The strange feeling of peace will be an unforgettable memory for you.

The Coong Homestay and Cafe


: Cat Cat Village, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Reference price

: from 100,000 VND

Located in the heart of Sa Pa City, this place has just been built but has received very positive reviews. The price of Sapa homestay in Coong and Cafe is also very affordable with many unexpected utilities. With a dorm room, it only costs you about 100,000 VND/person/day. For a double room, the price is only about 400,000 VND/day for 4 adults. The price above includes free breakfast. Very interesting, isn’t it?

The Coong Homestay and Cafe

In addition to quality rooms and cheap prices. This place also attracts a lot of tourists because of the extremely beautiful view. Any position can give you a vivid photo shoot. The combination of coffee business makes the space here bustling at all times including daytime.

Gem Valley Homestay


: Cat Cat, San Sa Ho, Sapa, Lao Cai


: 200,000 VND – 2,500,000 VND/room (shared room price will be cheaper)

If you love art, this homestay is not to be missed. The beautiful house Gem Valley was designed and built by a couple of Hanoi painters. This place is both a house, a cafe, and also a library of paintings created by the owner of the house. It’s not too difficult to get here. Starting from the center of Sapa town, you move about 3 km to Cat Cat Village.

Gem Valley Homestay

Homestay has 2 floors. In which, the first floor is an art gallery. You will surely be attracted by the stories hidden in each picture. The 2nd floor is the tourist area. The space is very artistically designed. The room can accommodate 4 people but is a bit small, and if you stay 2 people, it is a bit expensive. A small minus point is, the bedroom is decorated quite simply and there are no amenities such as a dryer or a cabinet.

Ta Van Heaven Homestay


: Ta Van Day 2 Village, Sapa, Lao Cai.

Reference price

: from 100,000 VND

Ta Van Heaven Homestay is located in Ta Van village, just 20 minutes from the center of Sa Pa town by motorbike, so it is very convenient for moving. This homestay in Sapa is designed in the form of a traditional stilt house of ethnic people to create a feeling of closeness and familiarity. There are dormitory rooms suitable for groups of friends.

Ta Van Heaven Homestay

Besides, if you want to find a private space, you can choose a single room or a bungalow. Each room has a seating area and a private bathroom with free toiletries. In addition, there are also motorbikes for rent here, so it is very convenient.

My Tra Homestay


: Ta Van, Sapa, Lao Cai

My Tra Homestay Sapa is an ancient house on stilts of ethnic minorities in Sapa. Therefore, when coming here, besides relaxing and living with nature, you also have the opportunity to experience the local culture. At this homestay, there are both private rooms and dorm floors for you to choose from. All rooms are fan-cooled and have mosquito nets. If you want your Sapa trip to be more interesting, you can book a tour at home! My Tra’s front desk is open 24/7. In addition, you can rent a motorbike to explore.

My Tra Homestay

In addition to the resting space, the homestay also has a dining area and a balcony with mountain views. Toilets and bathrooms also come with amenities such as hot and cold water bottles or toiletries.

Mega View Homestay Sapa


: No. 24 Cau May Alley, Sapa, Lao Cai

Reference price

: From 450,000 VND

Mega View is a new homestay in Sapa, located right near the city center, convenient for traveling between tourist attractions. From Mega View homestay, tourists can walk to Sapa city square, Cat Cat village, or Sun Plaza hotel extremely quickly.

Mega View Homestay Sapa

Coming to Mega View homestay, you have many options from private rooms for couples or Dorm rooms for families, groups of friends, etc. In particular, each room at Mega View homestay is decorated with a youthful style and is very unique.

Mega View Homestay Sapa

Phori’s House


: Ta Van, Sapa, Lao Cai

Reference Price

: 330,000 VND/person/night

Located next to a small stream with a design imbued with the culture of ethnic minorities in Sapa. Phori’s House is a homestay in Sapa that is loved by many young people.

Phori’s House

This address takes the main materials of wood and cork for construction and decoration. There is also brocade to create nipping points. Phori’s House is a homestay in Sapa that gives you a warm but equally magical feeling.

Phori’s House

Homestay has a full kitchen, you can go to the market, use cloth bags available in the kitchen to buy food, in the garden, there are green vegetables, in the house, there is wine and clean coffee you can enjoy.

Sali House


: Ta Van Day 1 Hamlet, Ta Van Commune, Sapa, Lao Cai

Room price

: 400,000 VND/person/night

At first glance, you will feel that this homestay seems to have nothing outstanding. However, when you go inside, you will feel something interesting. Especially when coming here in the ripe rice season, from the “coffee corner” of Salli House, you can witness with your own eyes a golden sky stretching out of terraced fields in the harvest season.

Sali House

The decorations at Sali House are mainly wood and brocade, bringing a cozy rustic feeling. Homestay operates in the form of “cooking & culture”, which means you can go to the market and cook by yourself without any extra charge. In addition to the prepared breakfast, Sali House also offers free rice, mineral water, tea, coffee, scented candles, and essential oils for you to use.

Sali House

Sali House has a fairly large area. There are a total of 5 bedrooms, including 3 rooms for 2 people, 1 room for 3 people, and 1 room for 4 people. In addition, the homestay also has a living room, an indoor book library, a common yard, and a kitchen,…

Upland Homestay


: Ta Van, Sa Pa, Lao Cai


: from 100,000 VND

Upland Homestay is also located in Ta Van village and right in the city center. This place is pretty cool and very clean. The owner is also very friendly. If you rent a private room, the price is only about 300,000 VND – 500,000 VND. With a dormitory room, it only costs you about 100,000 VND/day.

Upland Homestay

With a deep wood tone as the main color, the room is very cool when the sun is high and feels warm when the dew drops. This place is friendly and leaves a lot of strong impressions for visitors. From the room, you can zoom out to see the sky, the sky, the mountains, and the forest blend.

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10 Famous Camping Sites In Ninh Binh

Camping site in Ninh Binh ‘so Hot’ 1. Chill With The Sun

As one of the famous picnic spots of Ninh Binh , coming here you will be spoiled for free to experience many useful activities. Services here include: sleeping in tents, camping overnight, bonfires, kayaking, serving hearty meals, experiencing outdoor cinemas, sightseeing bicycles and visiting Tuyet Tinh Glass,…

Address: Trang An street, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh.

Entrance ticket price: 120,000 VND – 150,000 VND/person.

Camping service price:

+ Day camping service: 350,000 VND – 890,000 VND/day (adults) and from 100,000 VND – 650,000 VND/day (children).

+ Overnight camping service: 800,000 VND – 1,190,000 VND/day (adults) and from 300,000 VND – 900,000 VND/day (children).

2. Cuc Phuong Forest

Photo: @meooneeePhoto: @kiimmm.94

Cuc Phuong Forest is a national park and a special-use forest, so if you want to experience the rich flora and fauna or have beautiful check-in photos with plants, coming here will be very reasonable. The wild nature brings many impressions, if you want to camp overnight in Bong village, you have to prepare your own utensils and take away food. Camping for the day is free.

Address: Cuc Phuong Forest, Nho Quan, Ninh Binh.

Entrance fee: 10,000 VND/child; 20,000 VND/student, students; 60,000 VND/adult.

3. Dong Chuong Lake (Trang An Golf Course)

Photo: @digiticker

The camping site in Ninh Binh is famous and quite “luxurious” because it is located on Dong Chuong lake in the resort of Trang An golf course. This place has a fresh, poetic and charming atmosphere and is quite spacious, so it always welcomes many people to visit, especially on weekends. Camp by the lake to catch the brilliant sunrise or romantic sunset, try fishing, and organize a fun barbecue at night.

Address: Phu Long, Nho Quan, Ninh Binh.

Camping fee: from 799,000 VND – 1,299,000 VND/person.

4. Van Long lagoon

Photo: @_m.liinn_

Van Long lagoon is a famous wetland conservation area of ​​the North, possessing a diverse ecosystem. The four seasons here always bring their own beauty, captivating people’s hearts. The camping area is on the opposite side of the marina across the lagoon. The charming and peaceful scenery of the country will bring you moments of true relaxation.

Address: Gia Van, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh.

Camping fee: free.

5. Yen Thang Lake

Photo: @_thaian.01_

Above is the blue sky, below is the calm blue lake. The scenery of Yen Thang Lake is incredibly beautiful and attractive. This place is like a small pure oasis, so there are often many young people or families coming and going to explore and camp by the lake. During the day, sit and enjoy the scenery, take pictures to check in memories, sit down to fish by the lake or experience interesting games such as kayaking, wooden boat ride, duck pedalling, …

Photo: @hienluong.ajc

In the evening, organize an outdoor party, bonfire and barbecue. In the quiet four-sided space, you can breathe in the fresh air, and look up at the sparkling starry sky. In particular, there is also the largest 54-hole golf course in our country for you to freely conquer with your passions and interests.

Address: Yen Thang, Yen Mon, Ninh Binh.

Camping fee: free.

6. Bai Doi

Photo: @hnaanh93

Located just 500 meters from Trang An boat station, this beautiful camping site in Ninh Binh has a vast and green space. Stop by the lake, choose your favorite place and start setting up tents. Here when camping you have to prepare everything yourself because there is no rental service around. But in return, the green and windy scenery will bring you, your family and friends meaningful time together.

Address: Bai Doi, Ninh Binh.

Fee: free.

7. Cutie Lagoon

Photo: @fb runhaucamtrai

Dam Cut is known as a famous and extremely attractive check-in place of Ninh Binh. Next to the lagoon, there is a cool green lawn and quite large, the air is cool. Camping together to enjoy peaceful moments, far away is a herd of white sheep leisurely grazing. At night, the fire started to roast meat, eat and drink, and chat until I forgot the time with friends.

Address: Gia Hung, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh.

Fee: free.

8. Dam Troi Lake

Photo: @__chou_chouu_

A lake has the function of regulating the domestic water of the surrounding area. A place only locals know but a pretty ideal camping spot. Traveling to Ninh Binh  until a sunny day with the family goes camping by the lake, there is a cool stream nearby to bathe as much as possible, while the children experience catching crabs and snails. Under the cool green trees, together, they light a fire to grill chicken, sausages, … to enjoy.

Address: Quang Lac, Nho Quan, Ninh Binh.

Ticket price: free.

9. Green River Lake

Photo: @campingviet

Green River Lake is also known as Da Lai Lake because it is located near the hydroelectric dam of the same name. A place less known but also a relatively cool camping place when coming to Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh. In addition to camping, people coming here often join kayaking together to admire the immense lake. Fishing and swimming in the cool water.

Address: Phu Long, Nho Quan, Ninh Binh.

Fee: free.

10. Dong Thai Lake

Photo: @Pinterest

Located about 25km from Ninh Binh city, the freshwater lake is close to the Tam Diep mountain range creating a winding terrain. Around form many interesting peninsulas of different sizes. The landscape here still retains the wild features with rich flora and fauna. In addition to camping, here you can also rent a boat to go sightseeing around the lake or visit the mysterious Ma Tien cave.

Address: Yen Dong, Yen Mo, Ninh Binh.

Camping fee: free.

Photo: @little.may.1605

The terrain is alluvial every year, with many caves, lagoons, and lakes. Along with visiting famous sights such as: Trang An, Bai Dinh, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, … enjoying the  fresh air at camping sites in Ninh Binh is also an attractive activity that you should try it once.

Photo: Internet

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Top 9 Interesting Places In Sapa At Night – Sapa Nightlife

If you travel to Sapa but still do not know where to go in the evening Sapa. Then you can immediately refer to the fun spots in Sapa in the evening below. Let’s explore those fascinating places and Sapa nightlife with us!

Top 9 extremely interesting places in the evening in Sapa Ancient Stone Church


: Located on a high piece of land at the foot of Ham Rong mountain

Sapa Stone Church was built in 1895 by the French. Up to now, the church has been repaired many times but still retains its ancient beauty. This place is boldly European and is considered one of the last remaining French architectures in the Northwest.

Ancient Stone Church

The main church is mossy and old mansions. If you go during the day, you will check in many beautiful photos. And if you go at night, you will see the fanciful and bustling here. At night in front of the large yard of Sapa stone church is the place where the bustling love market often takes place.

Walking Around Sapa Lake


: Ngu Chi Son, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Sapa Lake always attracts tourists with its gentle and peaceful beauty. At night you can walk around the lake to see all its beauty. The atmosphere around the lake is quite quiet and peaceful, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Walking Around Sapa Lake

Sapa Lake is even more prominent at night. With the electric lights, the lake seems to put on a colorful brocade shirt. In the evening in Sapa, where should you go for peace? This is a place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

 Cau May Walking Street


: Located in the center of Sapa town

Cau May Walking Street attracts a large number of foreign tourists and it also becomes a crowded destination every evening. Coming to this neighborhood, you will be able to visit, stroll or watch the rows of houses with bright lights.

Cau May Walking Street

This place also concentrates on many restaurants, hotels, and the busiest entertainment venues. That’s why Cau May Street will have many activities that make it hard for you to forget.

Love Market – Sapa Nightlife


: Campus of Lao Cai Tourism Promotion and Information Center (opposite Sapa Stone Church).

Opening hours

: 16:00 – 22:00 every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Where is Sapa love market located and when it opens are the questions of many people when discovering this place. In the past, the Sapa love market was only held once a year in front of the first market of the year. However, today Sapa love market is held every Saturday night to serve tourists in the best way.

Love Market – Sapa Nightlife

The market usually meets in the late afternoon, at about 6-7 o’clock, this place will be extremely crowded with tourists, much more crowded than usual. People will gather and explore the famous love market in Sapa with cultural performances and interesting activities at this special market.

The Hmong Sister


: 31 Muong Hoa, Sapa, Lao Cai

Opening hours

: 14:00 – 2:00

If you don’t know where to go at night in Sapa, The Hmong Sister is the perfect answer for you. The Hmong Sister will probably be quite familiar with tourists who like to be bustling. The bar has space and architecture with many high chairs in modern style at the bar. The wooden tables and chairs with old colors and yellow lights create an ancient feeling for this place. Alternatively, you can play billiards or darts here.

The Hmong Sister

The menu here is also quite diverse and rich. The cocktails are prepared in a new style with an unforgettable aftertaste of the mountain town. The space with extremely bustling and vibrant music will make you feel satisfied.

Sapa Night Market – Sapa Nightlife


: No. 1 Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai

Opening hours:

6:30 – 22:00 daily.

Where to go in Sapa in the evening to eat and drink? Then the answer is the Sapa food court. The sapa food court has many restaurants, eateries along with street food stalls selling specialties of the Northwest mountainous region. The number of tourists coming here is extremely crowded at night, the atmosphere is bustling. There is nothing better than sitting in a restaurant with the cozy atmosphere of Sapa’s chilly weather.

Sapa Night Market – Sapa Nightlife

If you visit this food court, you must-try dishes such as Steamed Ban Pig, Salmon Hot Pot, Thang Co Horse Hot Pot, Black Chicken Hot Pot, Sauteed chayote, Meo Wine, etc. Because these are the dishes. specialties of the Northwest mountains, if you don’t try it, it’s a waste.

Bebop Bar


: Cau May, Sapa District, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Opening hours

: 16:00 – 1:00

Bebop bar has two floors and has a billiards table for guests. The restaurant has a special area serving the music. This bar tries to have a gentle style, not as boisterous as other bars.

Bebop Bar

The menu here is also quite diverse and rich, you can order yourself a cup of hot coffee to enjoy in the chilly atmosphere here. In the evening in Sapa, where should you go to eat? Save this place right away for your Sapa trip.

The Valley View – Sapa Nightlife


: Royal View Hotel, 034 Cau May, Sapa town

Opening hours:

14:00 – 23:30

The restaurant has a convenient location with open space. There is a wide variety of food and drinks here. The bar is located high, very convenient for watching the beautiful scenery of Sapa.

The Valley View – Sapa Nightlife

Delta Bar in Sapa


: Cau May, Sapa Town, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Opening hours:

16:00 – 1:00

Delta Bar has 2 floors of bar and restaurant with soft decor. The music here is quite lively, to relieve fatigue after a long day. This is a place that you can refer to when you do not know where to go at night in Sapa.

Delta Bar in Sapa

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The Beautiful Island Paradise In Nha Trang Anyone Can Love

Referring to the most beautiful island paradise in Vietnam , Nha Trang is one of the top names. This place owns 19 different large and small islands and the scenery in each place has its own characteristics. If you do not know the places with beautiful islands in Nha Trang, the list of destinations below is a guide for you to refer to your upcoming trip.

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1. Hon Mun 

Nha Trang is one of the places with many of the most beautiful island paradise in Vietnam. Photo: @__ pphuonglyy__

Considered to be the richest and most beautiful aquarium in Southeast Asia, it is not difficult to understand that Hon Mun is one of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang that are most loved by tourists. This island has a very rich and diverse marine ecosystem and marine ecosystem.

The scene of Hon Mun fascinates tourists. Photo: @alex_aleex_

Besides sightseeing, the most popular experience when checking-in is diving and seeing the colorful world on the ocean floor. Also being chill to a music in a bar on this island is also a very wonderful experience.

2. Hon Tam 

Visitors to Hon Mun love to snorkel. Photo: @certified

Hon Tam is one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world, so this fascinating paradise is always a perfect check-in spot for those who love the sea. The name Hon Tam comes from its shape like a silkworm, with its head facing the East, floating on the island’s water surface.

Tam Hon has enchanting beautiful scenery. Photo: @trungphannguyen

The green coast is more than 1 km long and the pristine and idyllic beauty is the reason for more and more tourists to choose this place as a tourist destination. In the middle of this beautiful island paradise of Nha Trang , there is also an ancient house and a unique craft village that has been around for over 100 years, so in addition to checking-in the attractive resorts and amusement parks Then visitors can also visit this craft village.

3. Yen Island 

Chill wooden bridge at Hon Tam. Photo: @monica_g_lee

Yen Island is famous as one of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang, where thereare the largest natural swallow caves in Vietnam. In addition to the dreamy and beautiful sea scenery, visitors coming here will also have the opportunity to see firsthand the swiftlets as well as their natural nests on the cliffs.

On Yen Island, there is a double beach formed by the winding sea road separating the ocean into two halves, one side is cool and the other is very warm. Hon Yen is a place to visit during the day, visitors are not allowed to stay, so the wild look here is preserved.

4. Dam Bay Bay 

Yen Island is home to the largest natural swallow caves in Vietnam. Photo: @chrisphanvnThe beautiful sea road of Yen Island. Photo: @ halo.vietnam

This bay is one of the beautiful island paradise in Nha Trang attracting a lot of tourists to visit. The bay is located in the southeast of Hon Tre Island, about 6km from Nha Trang Bay. The beauty in Dam Bay Bay is wild and natural and is likened to the Maldives of Vietnam with fine white sand beaches, calm blue sea and glossy green coconut trees.

Dam Bay Bay is considered as Maldive of Nha Trang. Photo: @ evlacusha_98

Besides sightseeing, check-in, come to Dam Bay, you can visit Fun Island to experience exciting activities such as scuba diving, watching coral, playing at the snow foam field or kayaking. In addition, enjoying fresh seafood dishes here is also a great experience.

5. Ninh Van Bay 

Clear sea water, breathtaking scenery. Photo: @ melena9370

Ninh Van Bay must be a familiar name to moving followers, because this is one of the beautiful islands in Nha Trang in particular and Khanh Hoa province says them. Ninh Van Bay is located about 60km from Nha Trang city center, if you travel by speedboat, it only takes about 20 minutes to reach this beautiful bay.

Ninh Van Bay is too famous for its beauty. Photo: @zeebalife

Ninh Van Bay has long stretches of white sand, clear blue sea full of wind. There is a full range of luxury resorts with famous resorts that have been visited by many Vietnamese stars and international stars. In addition, in Ninh Van Bay, there is a very beautiful small fishing village for you to experience the peaceful and peaceful marine life.

6. Binh Ba Island 

A very chill corner in Ninh Van. Photo: @eunkyung_o_o

Binh Ba is a small island in Cam Ranh district of Khanh Hoa province. This is known as one of the extremely famous Tu Binh of Nha Trang (including Binh Ba, Binh Hung , Binh Lap and Binh Tien) . The beauty of this place is extremely romantic with clear and dark blue sea like the sea in Maldives.

Binh Ba is from one of the four Binh districts of Nha Trang. Photo: @ kieu.maii

Traveling in Binh Ba, you can visit the beautiful beaches such as Chong Beach, Nha Cu Beach, Nom Beach or visit the lobster rafts lying on the sea. This island is also known as the lobster island, so you definitely should not miss the opportunity to enjoy this delicious seafood in Binh Ba. Binh Ba is the place with beautiful islands in Nha Trang  that visitors should definitely not miss in their journey.

7. Van Phong Bay 

The island is very popular with tourists. Photo: @ doctorviet7

Van Phong Bay is the most beautiful island paradise of Nha Trang and is also a popular national tourist destination for tourists from near and far. This bay attracts visitors by its pristine beauty with clear blue sea water and long sandy beaches. There is also a very special sea walking path on Diep Son Island . This road is less than 1km long but has extremely impressive beauty, you can walk in the middle of the sea, the two sides are clear blue water and small fish swimming, creating a fairy tale in the middle of the world. match.

Clear sea water in Van Phong. Photo: @inessa_iosifovnaKayaking in Van Phong Bay. Photo: @ huy.kutis

Check-in in places with beautiful islands in Nha Trang,  you will definitely not be able to “keep yourself” in front of the wonderful beauty that is bestowed on this place. The stretches of beaches, fine white sand, clear blue water, and magnificent rock islands will surely bring you the best moments when admired. Traveling to Khanh Hoa , remember to check-in with all the beautiful sea paradise on you.

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Two Very Famous Vegetarian Hotpot Restaurants In Thu Duc University Village, Priced From Only 35,000 Vnd

Vegetarian hot pot is a familiar dish in the “menu” of the association of those who are afraid of being fat and even those who love vegetarianism. 2! Beautiful will suggest you two “specialty” vegetarian hot pot restaurants in University Village that make Saigon teenagers fall in love with super bargain prices below.

Hoang Dat Vegetarian Hot Pot

Hoang Dat Vegetarian Hotpot is a chain of vegetarian hotpot restaurants that has appeared for a long time in the university village area. The owner of the restaurant is a vegetarian and a devotee, so the cooking method is very vegan. Hoang Dat’s hot pot is stewed from fresh vegetables and fruits, so it is very clear, has a natural sweetness, a rich sweetness, and is not harsh on MSG.

The accompaniments of hot pot here are super many including dandelion, tofu, abalone mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, corn, … are bought new daily to ensure green – clean. Especially the restaurant’s exclusive vegetarian sausage, eating very strangely, biting into a very soft piece, like melting in the mouth. The chao dipping part is prepared by the owner according to her own secret, the chao is pureed with fresh chili and forms a thick paste. Chao has a super delicious taste, is the “hero” that makes vegetarian hot pot full of flavor, whoever eats it will remember it forever.

Serving 70k for two people with “full” topping. Photo: Uyensugar._.99

The price here is calculated per capita, one part 35,000/person, if in groups of 3 or more people will be reduced to 30,000/person. My favorite thing to eat at the restaurant is extra vegetables, extra vermicelli, extra instant noodles are all free (for extra mushrooms, extra charge). In addition, the shop also serves more drinks such as passion fruit, yogurt, soft drinks with the same price of 10 thousand / cup, soya 5 thousand / glass.

Address: 84/7 To Vinh Dien, Dong Hoa, Di An, Binh Duong

Vegetarian Hotpot Huu Duyen

Although born late after giving birth, but Huu Duyen vegetarian hot pot is a name that has never cooled down on the race “Top of the best vegetarian hot pot restaurants in the university village”. Most of the vegetarian hotpot restaurants in the University Village are priced at 35,000 VND/person, and Huu Duyen vegetarian hotpot is no exception.

Photo: huyen_husky

The first impression of the students to Huu Duyen is that the space is very clean and airy, the staff is dedicated and attentive. The hot pot portion is 70,000 VND/ for 2 people, but it is quite full, which is tofu ki, white tofu, vegetarian ribs, vegetarian rolls, carrots,…Vegetables are served with spinach, loofah, enoki mushrooms. abalone mushrooms…

The taste of Huu Duyen hot pot is faintly fragrant with lemongrass, the taste is frugal and rich, conquering even the most demanding guests in the first taste. Huu Duyen’s dipping sauce is greasy, has the pungent taste of chili, it’s great to eat on rainy days.

Photo: ritalifegram

In addition to ensuring the quality of each dish, Huu Duyen vegetarian hotpot also regularly organizes attractive promotions such as: 30% off for those who have a birthday in the month plus a small gift, 20% off For those of you who come to the shop for the first time. Surprisingly, when walking to the shop, you will get “free” water; Every Saturday, Sunday, every week, there will be “free” dessert fruit….

If you have the opportunity to come to the University Village, invite your friends to come here to try it, make sure to eat it.

Address: 60 To Vinh Dien, Tan Hoa, Dong Hoa, Di An, Binh Duong

Đăng bởi: Hoàng Văn Quyết

Từ khoá: Two very famous vegetarian hotpot restaurants in Thu Duc University village, priced from only 35,000 VND

Hue Hon Vuon Mountain – A Beautiful Cloud Hunting Spot In The Heart Of The Ancient Capital

Hue Hon Vuon mountain and travel guide

Hon Vuon mountain is located in Dong Cham village, Huong Ho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien – Hue province. Unlike Dai Noi – Hue Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda or Truong Tien Bridge is located in the heart of the city, the way to this tourist destination is quite far and somewhat difficult. So if you do not have a guide, you have to carefully understand the way and really should consider traveling alone here.

To get to the top of Hue Hon Vuon, visitors need to follow the following route: First you move along the banks of the Perfume River to Thien Mu Pagoda and then go on to Van Thanh, Vo Thanh, then cross Xuoc Du Bridge and go further more than 1 km will reach Dong Cham village. Continue following this road for nearly 3km, visitors will reach Trieu Son Phuong mountain, which is also the location of Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda. So you can combine the visit to the famous cloud-hunting peak with the temple located in the middle of this poetic scene.

Beautiful cloud hunting spot on top of Hue Monkey Island. Photo: ivivu

After visiting Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda , visitors will continue the journey to conquer the mountain by crossing a long distance of about 1.5 to 2 hours. If you go back during the day, you can park your car at the car park of the temple, but if you plan to spend the night, camp and watch the sunrise on the top of the mountain, you should direct the car to the temple grounds to send it as well.

Because the journey to and explore the top of Hon Giay requires a lot of walking, you should not forget to prepare some food and drink and importantly a good pair of shoes for easy and safe movement. Although you have to walk a lot along the path up the mountain, you can still find direction thanks to the monks who have tied red ribbons on many trees to mark the road. However, visitors must also be careful and follow each other closely, but it is best to have a guide because in the middle of the vast mountains of Thua Thien forest without experience you will easily get lost.

The best time to travel Hue mountain Vuon island

Romantic natural picture seen from Hon Vuon mountain. Photo: Facebook Pho Hue

Hon Vuon mountain Hue is an ideal place for travelers who love to explore. The journey to conquer the top of the mountain has been quite difficult from the beginning because it has to walk a lot and pass a relatively steep and slippery Melaleuca forest. Therefore, the best time to visit this place is in the summer with dry weather. This is also the perfect time for a team that loves cloud hunting or sunrise on high mountains.

Beautiful moment on top of Hon Vuon. Photo: Doanhnghiephoinhap. Having to pass the difficult moving road and face the foot fatigue to conquer the different hills in Hon Gib makes your trip to Hue not easy at all, even quite arduous. However, do not worry or give up quickly if you have carefully prepared and followed the guide, because right after this journey through the jungle, you will feel extremely deserving, without wasting any effort. Come on. That is when the beautiful mountain peak gradually appears before the eyes with a panoramic view of dreamland Hue.Ideal place to capture the scenery of Hue from above. Photo: Hong chúng tôi scenery of Khe Ngang Lake is picturesque. Mr. Hong Nam.

Standing on the high hill of Hon Vuon- which used to be a US military base during the war, you can also see up close the remains of the airport or the trenches, shelters … scattered around the top of the mountain along with some wildlife living here.

What’s interesting on the top of Hon Vuon ?

Coming to Hue Hon Vuon mountain , visitors will be “treated” with an eye-catching panoramic view of Huong River, Ngu Mountain, Khe Ngang Lake, Tho Son Lake … Indeed, looking down from the high hills. You can freely admire the beauty of the ancient capital from above, where Dong Ba market, Truong Tien bridge, Hue Quoc Hoc, or the gentle Huong River are just small dots in the distance. Not only a beautiful viewpoint, but if you go in groups to the top of the mountain, you can bring a tent to camp or hunt for the sunrise with a chill scene here too.

Enjoy the panoramic view of Hue city on top of Hon Vuon

The panorama of a charming mountain area appears before the eyes of visitors. Photo: chúng tôi Moreover, the top of Hon Vuon, Thien An hill, Vong Canh hill, Hue mountain, Bach Ma forest are all destinations with sweeping views of the city and very suitable for those who love to move dust or love trips. go on a trip with close friends.Quietly watching sky clouds on top of the Vuon. Photo: ivivu

Few people know that in addition to Vong Canh Hill, Hue  , in the heart of the ancient capital, there is another great place to admire the beauty of Huong River, Ngu Mountain, Khe Ngang Lake, Tho Son Lake … from above. That is the top of Hon Vuon mountain located at an altitude of 300m above sea level. If Truoi Lake is known as the absolute cup of Hue, Thien An hill is considered as Da Lat of the Central, Hon Vuonis voted by many young people as the most ideal place to see the whole city. Ancient Hue is poetic.

Overview of the whole Hue city on Vuonisland. Photo: Loc Phuoc Tran.

After passing the journey of “crossing the forest and crossing the mountain” nearly two hours to reach the top of Hon Vuon, our hard-working feet will be rewarded, first of all a few minutes of rest and relaxation on the slab. The flat rock is quite wide – where it can accommodate 10-15 people near the top of the mountain. According to your Hue travel experience , this is the ideal place to take pictures as well as experience the strange feeling of watching and “hunting” for photos of clouds passing through the rocks at your seat. me.

After resting, continue moving to the end of your journey. That is the famous top of Hue Hon Vuon. Although located at an altitude of over 3000m, the terrain here is quite flat and extremely convenient for activities such as collective play. Hon Gib was used to be a military base during the war. If you like to learn about geography and history, you can observe the remaining war traces such as old airports, trenches and shelters, …

Do not forget to save the cool virtual live photos here. Photo: Mai Phuong Linh.

Possessing the ideal height so standing from the top of the mountain, visitors can also encompass the whole beauty of Hue city with the Perfume River, Ngu Mountain, Truoi Lake, Khe Ngang Lake, Lake Tho Son … All appear as a harmonious picture of mountains with rivers with both a pool of water, meandering in the smooth green of the forest next to the field of crops.

It can be said that, when standing from the top of Hon Giay mountain, you will see the ancient capital of Hue as being shrunk with plains, rivers, lakes, mountains, eye-catching and endless.

An ideal location for a team that is passionate about hiking and camping

Collecting all the heaven and earth into sight. Photo: Doanhnghiephoinhap

What is more interesting than being able to leave the noisy and bustling space in the city, especially on a hot summer day to chill out on the same winding road in the journey to conquer Hon Vuon Hue . From this place, visitors will be temporarily away from the center of the ancient city with familiar Hue tourist attractions and come to high mountains, white clouds, blue sky, vast open space in front of you. At this time, the stuffiness and fatigue were pushed back.

Imagine a cool scenery with lush green trees with fresh air and gentle breeze blowing. After a long and arduous journey to the top of the mountain, all you need to do now is find a flat, flat land, spread tarpaulin, and pitch a tent. So you and your team have a small corner to sit and watch, have fun until evening here.

Exciting overnight camping trip on top of Hon Vuon.

For those who like to take pictures of virtual live parrots and check in, Hon Vuon is also the right choice because the romantic, green picture is the perfect background for you to unleash your creativity with your camera or phone. What is more wonderful than just being able to see the scenery and retaining beautiful moments in this wandering cloud. In addition, visitors can bring more cakes, fruits, drinks, … to then arrange beautifully decorated to both snack and chat and get their own virtual live photos.

Other attractive destinations in Huong Tra district, Hue

In addition to Hon Von mountain , Huong Tra district also owns many other attractive tourist destinations of Hue such as Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda, Ru Cha Mangrove Forest , so before or after conquering the mountain, you can combine to visit. visit these two places. If Huyen Khong Pagoda will help visitors enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility with high pine trees and many large and small lakes around, the Ru Cha forest located about 15 km from the center of Hue city is a virgin forest. Large and green-covered buds of tall trees that change color with each season. Both are ideal places for you to take beautiful photos that are not inferior to Hon Vuon, do not miss it.

Note when going to Hue Hon Vuon mountain

Remember to stop at Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda. Photo: wowweekend.

To have a memorable trip to conquer the top of the mountain , you need to bring all kinds of specialized clothes, soft shoes, necessary items, drinking water and a few left cakes, snacks.

Catch the dawn and hunt clouds on the mountain of Vuon island.

If you are determined to stay overnight, do not forget to bring a tent and camera or backup charger. Because it would be a pity without your camera or phone not to have enough battery to capture the beautiful moments on the top of the mountain, especially when night falls or dawn.

Hue Hon Vuon mountain is the ideal address for those who love to explore, especially the team of trekking. This beautiful and exciting mountain summit is waiting for you to explore. What are you waiting for without immediately planning to visit Hue and visit Hon gioi.

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Bá Khá

Từ khoá: Hue Hon Vuon mountain – a beautiful cloud hunting spot in the heart of the ancient capital

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